Fair Use Policy

At Tutoray, we provide personalized model essays, dissertations, and teaching materials customized for tutors working with foreign students seeking to excel at Western academics without studying abroad

What Tutoray Provides

  • Customized essays, dissertations and teaching materials for tutors to use as instructional aids.

  • Guidance for tutors on proper usage to enhance foreign students' education.

  • Hyper-personalized materials that demonstrate quality writing, not ready-made products for students to submit as their own work.

Permitted Uses

Tutoray materials may be used by tutors as:

  • Examples to demonstrate high quality Western academic writing expectations and styles.

  • Study aids for foreign students unfamiliar with Western education to better understand assignments and develop skills.

  • Inspiration for foreign students to create their own original work meeting Western academic standards.

  • Teaching tools for tutors to explain perfecting and understanding Western writing styles.

Prohibited Uses

Tutoray materials may not be:

  • Copied or submitted in whole or part as a student's own work. This constitutes academic misconduct.

  • Edited or adapted with intent to pass off as a student's original work.

  • Shared outside the tutor-student relationship for which provided.

Responsible Tutoring

Tutors must:

  • Advise students to use materials only as learning tools and inspiration.

  • Monitor student progress to ensure proper use as aids, not ready-made work.

  • Exercise their power as educators to prevent improper use.

  • Assess implied knowledge and skills to detect unethical use of tutoring services.

Improper use of materials defeats the purpose of education and ethical tutoring. Tutors enabling misconduct will lose Tutoray access.

Contact us with any questions on this policy. Using Tutoray means agreeing materials are for instruction only.

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